Greg Steiner, USA

Dr. Greg Steiner, DDS, MS

Dr. Steiner received his undergraduate education and dental degree from UCLA, followed by a Master of Science degree from Loma Linda University with a certificate in Periodontics. He then accepted an externship in maxillofacial pain at the UCLA medical center. Upon the completion of his formal training, he practiced Periodontics and dental implants for 15 years, during which time he realized that the field of Periodontics and bone regeneration held no hope for improving the mediocre therapeutic modalities of the day. In 2000, he set out to create truly regenerative bone grafting products along with innovative surgical techniques for the regeneration of periodontal tissue and bone. He founded SteinerBio, which produces bone grafts that regenerate bone to normal form and function and espouses innovative surgeries to introduce regenerative medicine to dentistry. The bone grafts produced by SteinerBio are the only bone grafts recognized by the FDA to stimulate osteogenesis. Dr Steiner and his company continue to be leaders in the field of custom 3D printed resorbable bone graft for maxillofacial bone regeneration.